Here I list a few projects I've created or worked on. This is not an exhaustive list, but just a showcase of a few of my favorite things I'm proud of.

Apple Pies Against Humanity

the game screen of Apple Pies Against Humanity

This one is my pride and joy. Cards Against Humanity as an online multiplayer browser-based game, with a focus on custom cards. Hardly a novel concept, but one I'm still proud of doing.

It runs on a Node backend, with Express routing, Handlebars templating, a MongoDB database, and handles most of the user interactions with socket.io.

Originally this was a Starcraft 2 mod my friends and I would play, but requiring people to download Starcraft 2 is quite a barrier to entry for a text game. The idea came up that this might be feasible as a browser game, and that I was the one in the group with the technical know-how to do that, and so eventually I did.

The creator of the mod did make their own browser version at Picture Cards Online, but it didn't have the same vibe that we were looking for unfortunately.

Temtem Wiki

the main page of the Temtem Wiki

I've done a lot of work on the official Temtem Wiki. Temtem is a creature-collecting and battling game; a lot like the well-known Pokémon games, but this is an MMO of sorts, and has a dev team that actually likes its playerbase.

The wiki was originally on Fandom, but migrated to wiki.gg in early August 2022. The old wiki is still up per Fandom's policies of course, but the editing community is now almost entirely on the new wiki.

I've done a lot of work on the site appearance, some of the Cargo work (SQL-like MediaWiki extension), community support, and my magnum opus of sorts, the postal map (which to be fair I reverse-engineered from similar code on the ARK: Survival Evolved wiki, which I've also done work on). Code for the postal map is at MediaWiki:Postal map.js.

Nabil Kherfan for Central Unified

the main page of kherfan4central.com

A website I made for a friend of mine who's running for school board. It's a pretty simple site, nothing too fancy, but I like it, and am happy I could help out.